Helping you, Helping me is an idea I created for us to help each other grow and learn new things. As although it is important for us to learn individually and have our own experiences, it is just as important to work with others and learn as a community. Who knows what you might learn from someone else.

As Bill Gates once said, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve”.

By saying this, I’m acknowledging the fact that I also need help with certain things. I don’t know it all, nobody does. I’m only 18 and have a lot of room for growth and new insight which is where all of you come in.

This idea has stemed to become what it is today because of my passion to learn and to share what I learn. Personally, I associate growth with learning which explains my passion for bettering and growing as a person.

Hopefully you’re reading this because you share a similar passion and want to participate in the journey. If so, I’m working hard to create a weekly newsletter so we can all stay connected. In the mean time, send me you questions on my Contact or Helping you Helping me page.