Hello all! Welcome to my first monthly favourite post. What better way to start than with the first month of 2017! Although ‘January Favourites’ is quite a cliche idea I will be coming up with a new name to add a little twist. If any of you have some good ideas let me know in the comments below!

Before I begin, I would like to say that all my opinions for what I mention in this and every other post will be 100% genuine. In part of working towards honesty within myself, I have to be honest with all of you. As blogging has become such a massive business industry and large source of income it’s hard to believe any of it. In some ways it is heading in the ‘reality tv’ direction. In saying that, I want you to feel like my opinion is trusted no matter what. This is extremely important to me on social media and in person as I feel ‘trust’ is losing it’s meaning.

Lets get started!

I will begin what I got for Christmas and of course my 18th Birthday! (I don’t know how I am 18 already. In all honesty, I still feel like a kid inside. But then again… who doesn’t?). Okay so first up is a summery, refreshing Olive Pomegranate Body Gift Pack set from the Olive Skincare Range. It contains four body products:
Hand & Nail Cream (50ml)
Body Wash (200ml)
Body Lotion (50ml)
Lip Balm (10ml)

The hand cream has to be my favourite of all the four products as it leaves my hands feeling so soft and revitalised. Often with creams, I struggle to find a formula that soaks in quickly without leaving a slimy or sticky feeling. This product absorbs far better than previous products I have tried, which is an instant win. This is the same with the body lotion which is something I just love! The body wash is devine and leaves a beautiful gentle and refreshing scent (If you’re looking for a strong, long-lasting scented body wash this may not be the best choice). So far I like the lip balm and it adds a beautiful, subtle gloss. However, I don’t think I have tried it frequently enough to determine if my lips have felt softer and less dry overall.

All these products smell devine. I wish you could virtually smell this, it’s seriously AMAZING (I may be a little bit obsessed). They also all contain Pomegranate extract and of course extra virgin Olive Oil, hence the name ‘Olive’. Olive oil and Pomegranate are great hydrants leaving your skin feeling nourished and glowing. So it’s great for those harsh winter days (mainly in the colder climates) when we all dry out. If you are interested in some more benefits of pomegranate have a look here.

On top of that these products are free from:
– Parabens
– Mineral Oils
– Colourants
– Artificial fragrances
– Silicones
– Animal Testing (I am extra pleased about this as I’ve never liked the idea of animals suffering for our benefit. Plus all aspects of veganism are fascinating me at the moment)

Not to mention, it is a New Zealand made product which means I am reducing my Carbon Footprint as well! For all of you who are not from New Zealand do not fret. Olive ships just about anywhere from purchasing on their Website. Or for the Aussies out there, they have their own Australian website. With a price of only $34.95 NZD it makes the perfect gift. But get in quick because it is limited edition.

Next up is another beauty product…

I guess you could say a birthday present… despite being from myself. I mean, you have to treat yourself every now and then am I right or am I right? This product is super effective and 110% worth the money. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in the colour medium brown, which I picked up at a Sephora store during my holiday overseas in Vancouver (more on that coming soon friends!!). You can also find it at Beauty Bay or AmazonNow usually I am quite lazy when it comes to makeup because it is very time-consuming. However, this brow definer is seriously easy and quick to use plus it gives a natural look so it won’t look ridiculous if you just do the brows! Now that’s a seller for me because I looooove eyebrows and if I had time to do one thing, it would definitely be the brows.

Plus like the Olive brand the brow definer is animal cruelty free, plus contains no:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

For those of you who are wondering the difference between the Brow Definer and the Brow Wiz (because I was a little confused at first) they are the same formula. The only difference is the tip of the pen, the price and the quantity:
Firstly the tip – the brow definer has a triangle-shaped tip whereas the wiz has a smaller, circular tip. In my opinion this is more precise for natural hair strokes than the Definer. The brow wiz is also cheaper at $21 USD whereas the Definer is $23 USD. In saying all of that… the Definer actually has far more product in the pen which comes to 0.2g compared to 0.085g (Wiz). That’s more than double, which means the Definer is far better value for money.

Okay… So I went on a bit of a rant but I just thought that I would let you know what helped me make my decision, as I happen to be very money conscious.

Also please ignore the mosquito bite on my cheek… It still showed up even after trying to cover it. But hey! I’m human.

Favourite Recipe:

So I’m thinking of having a monthly ‘favourite recipes’ post because I am just in love with creating food (and eating it of course. For now, here it is:

For those who follow me on social media, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been quite obsessed with a recent recipe… It is of course my Mango & Cinnamon Saviour Smoothie! It is honestly so perfect especially those of you experiencing the summer heat at the moment. Even if your enduring winter at the moment it’s a perfect little energizer to keep you going when you feel like you should be hibernating (Yea… I really don’t miss the European winters).

This next one has literally changed my life.

Since study leave and experiencing exams which I talk all about here, I’ve become more and more interested in learning about self growth. That’s where this favourite comes in. A book by Susan Jeffers called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. This is quite a popular book, so if you haven’t already read it the title says it all. It has helped me to realise what my fears are and how to approach that to overcome them and be successful in my own mind. if you know me you know I struggle dealing with what she calls the “Chatterbox”. That negative voice in your head that makes you feel hopeless and holds you back from achieving your goals. It gives insight into understanding your chatterbox and gives exercises to overcome it. That’s only one part, there’s so much information on how to live a more positive and enjoyable life.

All I can say is that I am so grateful to have read this. It has really fuelled my desire to learn more about myself, especially after seeing the difference one book can make. No matter who you are, what your circumstance I recommend this book to you. Who knows what you might learn?

This item I didn’t actually buy, but I happened to find it on my mums bookshelf. But for those of you who are interested in having a better look I would recommend Book Depository, Amazon or a local second-hand store.

Thank you to those of you who read through the whole post, it became a lot longer than I had initially intended it to be. I got a little over passionate! At least I am enjoying what I am doing right? I hope you gained something out of this post. Let me know if you learnt anything down below or have any input for me! Also, if you guys have any reviews you would like me to do comment them down below or in my contacts or Helping you Helping me page.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these and what your January Favourites are!  I’m always open to new and exciting things, whether beauty, fashion, recipes, books even excercises!

On a side note: Would you guys prefer these as videos or written posts? Or maybe both. Let me know in the comments below.


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